Airheads are stupid fun, and we realized you are your stupidest at 4 AM.

To give these tweets some airtime, Airheads will partner with adult swim to sponsor people’s ‘4 AM’ thoughts during their bumps, as part of their ‘Stupid Hour.’

People tend to send their stupidest snaps between 4 and 5 am. People will have the chance to add their moments to the “thestupidhour” Snapchat story. We’ll champion these snaps by putting them into digital billboards to give our 4 AMers some air time.

Using the hashtag #StupidHour, people  will have the opportunity to share their stupidest 4 am moments and thoughts. Some will have the chance to be featured on Adult Swim during this hour.

Between 4 and 5 AM users can find “Stupid Approved” products which will be marked half off, only and exclusively during this time. A ticker will be next to each product showing how much time is left before Stupid Hour is over.