Petfinder helps you find pets, our job was to get people to find Petfinder.

How can we encourage more people to adopt dogs? By letting the dogs pick the humans they want to be adopted by.

how it works

First you'll send in one of your used articles of clothing to PetFinder.

With the fabric, we make a new chew toy.

Next, we attach a tag to the toy, with all of your information stored.

Next, we send the toy to a shelter near you, where we’ll throw it to the pack. Once the dog has chosen, we’ll use the barcode on the toy to link it back to you.

It's a match!

Shortly after, you will get a text linking you to the pet’s homepage.

Once on their homepage you can schedule a time to come and finally meet them.


Follow your dog, see posts that they’ve been tagged in by their shelter, and check out their doggie Instragram story, which is regularly updated as part of the shelter’s feed.


At various shoe stores, PetFinder would have baskets available to donate socks, which would then be made into toys for the dogs in shelters.